Baby Guard Pool Fence

Whether you are in the process of building a house with a pool, or just adding a pool to your existing property, you will soon discover some very strict building laws when it comes to pool safety.

We not only have a pool, but we have three small children, so keeping them safe around water is top priority to us. When we were building our home, we added the Baby Guard Pool Fence for an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

pool fence 1

The fence is made of mesh and a series of reinforced aluminum poles set every 36 inches apart around the pool. Stainless steel safety latches are at all of the access points which can be locked with a key.

Corporate-trained Baby Guard installers come to your pool and install the fence for you. It can be installed on many different surfaces, including pavers, which we have.

pool fence 2

We have really enjoyed this fence and the peace of mind it gives us when we are in the yard with the kids. It can be taken out of the holes in the ground and put away, if need be. We generally will roll a section back while we are swimming, then put it all back in place and lock it up once we are done.

We recommend this fence to clients who choose to include a pool as part of their custom home. Click HERE for more information on Baby Guard Pool Fences.