Bathroom Mirror Options

You glance into your bathroom mirror countless times each day, but you’ve probably never given it much thought. When it comes time to remodel your bathroom or begin a new construction project, you’ll realize that you have choices when it comes to the design of the mirror.

trimmed mirror 1

One option is to have the trim carpenter frame out a mirror in molding. This gives the mirror a very clean and classic look. Light fixtures can be mounted into the mirror or outside of the molding on the wall itself.

trimmed mirror 2

trimmed mirror 3

Another option is to browse your local home goods store and purchase decorative mirrors to hang. This allows you more creative freedom than the first option, and it’s generally more affordable. When you consider the cost of the mirror and trim materials, plus the carpenter’s labor, a store-bought mirror will save you money.

bought mirror

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Some bathrooms in your home can have store-bought mirrors, while others are trimmed out.

matties way guest bath

I purchased this mirror from Home Goods for around $70, but the other four bathroom mirrors in our home were done by the trim carpenter.

Do you prefer one look over the other?

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